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5 Myths About Hospice Answered

Hospice is a commonly misunderstood branch of medical care. This is troubling, especially because many who may need hospice for themselves or a loved one hesitate to seek it out based solely on one or more misunderstandings. Below are 5 of the most common myths about hospice care answered.

1. Hospice is a place.

While many hospice organizations do have wonderful facilities, hospice is not a place, but rather, a philosophy of care. Hospice actually takes place wherever the patient calls home, whether it’s their family home, a nursing home, assisted living, hospital, or a dedicated hospice facility (hospice house.)

2. Hospice care cannot continue longer than six months.

Once a patient qualifies for hospice care, service continues as long as the individual lives or as long as it is required and appropriate. Hospice care is not discontinued unless it is no longer needed, or unless the patient decides to stop.

3. Hospice care is only for people with cancer or for bedridden patients.

Although cancer is a common reason for people to enter hospice care, Crown Hospice in Cape Girardeau, MO, serves terminally ill patients of all ages and with all types of chronic conditions. Especially if care is begun early in their illness, many patients are able to enjoy life as much during hospice care as before.

4. Hospice is for patients who don’t need a high level of care.

Since end-of-life care is so complex, it is provided by a highly skilled interdisciplinary team of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and therapists, who provide comprehensive medical care. In addition, chaplains, counselors, and trained volunteers support a full range of services for the patient and the entire family.

5. Hospice care is expensive.

Actually, traditional medical care is much more expensive than hospice care in most cases. In addition, since Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance cover the cost of hospice, hospice is generally very affordable. At Crown Hospice, since we are a non-profit organization, we never turn away patients due to the inability to pay.

If you feel you or a loved one might benefit from hospice care, please call Crown Hospice in Cape Girardeau, MO at (866) 703-4801 (toll-free), or (573) 335-4800, and speak with one of our caring, professional hospice counselors. We are here to answer any of your questions and to help you make the best decision for you or your loved one.

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