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5 Springtime Events for Seniors

There’s just something so uplifting about spring. Spring does wonders for the soul, whether it’s the birds tweeting, the beautiful flowers or the bright sunshine.

Springtime is a favorite time of year for many since we have spent the winter being in the house. There’s nothing like breathing in fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun to renew the spirit. Being closer to nature, going on outings and mingling with others can help break the daily routine for seniors.

Here are a few favorite springtime events for seniors:

  1. Choose a local park or nature trail for walks.

Many landmarks, local parks and even nature trails are suitable for seniors (and are wheelchair accessible). Do a little research ahead of time to find out what outdoor nature destination is a good choice for your loved one.

  1. Visit a farmers market.

There’s nothing like fresh fruits, vegetables and local arts and crafts to inspire elders. Getting out into the fresh air with other adults, children and often pets is also beneficial for seniors. It might be fun to choose a recipe before the outing to help inspire the palette with organic food as you peruse the market.

  1. Go fishing.

If your elderly loved one is mobile, you can go to many fishing spots, but even those who are wheelchair bound can cast from a pier or a bridge. Check your area for the picture-perfect fishing spot.

  1. Go on a picnic.

Pack a delightful lunch with a comfy blanket and delight in the outdoors, picnic style. You can bring binoculars for bird watching, books to read, or cards for some fun.

  1. Buy a bird feeder for bird watching.

Birds provide beautiful visuals and amusement for seniors, and springtime bird chirping signals the suitable time to invest in a feeder. Bird feeders draw wildlife to your yard. You could build your own for a little extra fun.

Have we left anything out from our springtime activities for seniors list? Please share your suggestions with us in the comments below.

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