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Creative Devotion Ideas For the Whole Family

Especially during challenging seasons, family devotions are a great way to bond while connecting with God. It can be a fun, interactive experience that everyone can enjoy.

In this blog post, we will discuss some creative ways to do devotions with your family. We will also provide some helpful tips for making the most of this time together.

Unique Family Devotion Ideas

Prioritizing a family devotion time can be an incredible benefit to families who are facing hardship. However, it can be tricky to figure out what works best for everyone involved while keeping everyone engaged.

Here are some unique family devotion ideas you may want to try:

Try a Devotional App

These days, you can access just about anything through your phone! Look for some great apps that everyone in the family will enjoy using together to study God’s word and pray with each other.

Apps like the YouVersion Bible App provide many options for families of all ages on various topics.  They also provide daily bible plans with videos and interactive features to help families stay engaged.

For younger children, many companies offer apps that feature stories told through games or other fun challenges. Try one like The Story Retold App to engage your entire family!

Use a Devotional Journal

While some people prefer digital options, others may find it easier to use pen and paper for their devotions. If this sounds more like you, try using a devotional journal together as a family!

These journals are typically formatted by days of the week so that everyone can answer questions or write in their thoughts about what they have learned during study time each day.

These are great tools because they allow all members of the family to put their thoughts and feelings on paper in their own words, which can be especially helpful for children who are learning how to communicate what they think.

Try a Devotion Book

If you are looking for something that the whole family can use together, try finding a devotion book! These books often provide daily scriptures or short stories with questions to ask at the end of each chapter.

You may also want to look into purchasing an audio version so everyone can listen along while reading through these sections as well.

These are great tools because they allow all members of the family to put their thoughts and feelings on paper in their own words which is especially helpful for children who may not yet know how to communicate what they think about God’s word.

Create a Family Prayer Wall

This activity is especially great for families who have a hard time staying connected during prayer.

Create a large poster or piece of paper and divide it into sections: one for each member of the family. Then, post prayers that you would like to pray for your family under each person’s name!

This is a visual way for everyone to see what others are praying for them, as well as keeping everyone accountable to praying for one another. Not only will this help unite your family in prayer, but it can be a beautiful reminder of all the ways God is working in your lives.

Try a Devotional Playlist

Music is often used as an uplifting force for many people, and can even be an important part of one’s personal devotion time!

If this sounds like something your family would enjoy doing together, try creating a playlist that has some songs related to what you are reading through each day during devotions.

Watch Christian Movies Together

While not technically devotions, watching Christian movies together as a family can provide a great way to talk about what you’re learning in your Bible study or prayer time.

There are many different films available that deal with important issues facing today’s society and they can be used as tools for discussion within families who want to help their children understand these topics better!

Try one like “God’s Not Dead”, which deals openly with the topic of religion vs atheism; or another popular film called “Fireproof”, which explores marriage relationships through biblical principles.

If you have small children, you might also consider watching an animated feature such as Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything-a Voyage With Ye Hearties (2009). This movie has lots of fun adventures while teaching valuable lessons on obedience and integrity.

There are many other options available, so take some time to look through what’s out there! If you cannot find anything that suits your family’s needs well enough, consider creating a list of movies for future viewing during devotions together as well.

Create A Family Devotional Time Jar

Sometimes it can be hard to decide what devotionals will work best for your family or even how often they should meet together. With this in mind, try creating a jar full of ideas!

Simply write down different times when your family could devote themselves to God in prayer or reading His word (e.g., before bedtime) along with activities such as watching Christian films together or having devotional playlists for listening while driving around town.

Then, each week take turns pulling out an idea from the jar to help plan your next family devotion time together!

Take Family Devotions Outside

Family devotions don’t have to be held indoors! Take your family outside and find a nice spot where you can all sit down together (e.g., on the grass under some trees).

Make sure there is enough space for everyone so there aren’t too many distractions from things like phones ringing or talking loudly over one another during prayer times.

Try not to let these noises interfere with what God wants us doing in His presence as well as our focus being solely directed towards Him when reading Scriptures or praying.

If the weather is bad, consider gathering around your fireplace with some hot chocolate and cookies to keep you warm as you spend time talking with God. He loves being near us no matter where we are!

Prioritizing Family Devotions

During hardship, family devotions are often one of the last priorities. However, by centering your family around the truth found in God’s word, you will gain the strength to weather the storm.

If you have questions about how to care for your family during times of hardship, contact our hospice team today!

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