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4 Gift Ideas for a Loved One in Hospice Care

Whenever a loved one is in hospice or palliative care, you want to make the most of his or her time. A present is a kind gesture, but you may be wondering what would be appropriate for your friend or family member. Check out our list of 4 practical, yet impactful gifts for someone in hospice care

Hospice Patient Gift Ideas:

  • A digital photo frame: Imagery associated with good memories and loved ones can help someone in hospice care to remember the life they have lived and enjoyed. A digital photo frame is convenient because hundreds to thousands of photos can be directly downloaded onto the frame and set to cycle throughout the day and it doesn’t take up much space.
  • Candles or a scent diffuser: A scented item such as a diffuser or candle can help to calm the uneasiness of living in a new place. Aromatherapy is a great way to ease pain and promote restfulness. Make sure to check the facility rules and if artificial scents could cause any complications for your loved one’s health.
  • A favorite food: Food can bring back good memories and is an excellent mood lifter. It is also something your loved one can share with others. Make sure the patient doesn’t have any dietary restrictions before bringing the food.
  • Mixed media: Books, movies and music are low-effort ways to spend time with your loved one. Books and other reading material can keep one’s mind engaged during time in hospice care. A favorite movie can bring back memories and is easy to consume. Finally, music is a known mood-booster and can help ease your loved one, regardless of pain level.

Making a Connection:

The most important gift you can give is your time. Any amount of time you can spend will help your loved one know how important he or she is to you. Sharing memories, words of affirmation and kindness can bring closure on both sides.

If the patient has family members who are too far away to visit, use technology like Skype or FaceTime to make contact. Services like Life on Record, allow several people to call in and share a memory about a loved one. Life on Record then compiles the messages into a list that is easy to download to share with your friend or family member.

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