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How to Keep Your Loved Ones Warm this Winter

The body’s ability to regulate its own temperature changes as it ages. That’s why it’s extremely important for a senior’s temperature to be monitored during the chilly winter months.

It’s worth considering that the number of cold-related deaths, such as hypothermia, significantly increases for those aged 75 and older.  Hypothermia is a threat for seniors to take into account.  Even mildly cold temperatures can be potentially dangerous, so be careful to keep your loved ones warm this winter with the following tips.

1. Wear More Clothes

Probably the easiest way for Seniors to stay warm is to add on an additional layer of clothing when getting dressed for the day.  Wearing several layers of clothing helps regulate body temperature, especially for those who may struggle to circulate blood properly.  So grab an extra pair of socks or gloves and get cozy! As an added suggestion, begin with an absorbent and moisture blocking material to stay dry throughout the day. Wet fabric will trap the cold air and make it feel harsher than it really is. If snow or rain has caused damp layer, replace them with dry ones.  Bundle up and add a hood for head covering, as this is where heat escapes the most.

2. Heat up your House

Sometimes saving a few dollars on the electricity bill seems more appealing than turning up the heat when it gets cold around the house. However, 68 degrees is about as low as it should get for a senior’s home. For some, a drop in body temperature can be hard to detect. A senior may have trouble realizing when exactly they become too cold. A simple way to avoid this kind of problem is to keep your thermostat set at 68 degrees or higher. It’s also advisable to keep an eye out for drafty windows or doors. If you are housing a senior and worry about the cost of heating, assistance may be available through your state.

3. Don’t get too Toasty

When trying to keep warm in the winter with space heaters and electric blankets, it’s important to be mindful of the fact that it can indeed get too warm.  Invest in heating accessories that specialize in safety, such as a space heater with an automatic timer.  Space heaters should be plugged into well-ventilated areas and kept at least a couple of feet away from walls and furniture or anything flammable. Use electric blankets at night with caution, or trade them out for a blanket made of warm material like down or wool. By using electrical heating devices with care, you can easily prevent overheating.

Hospice Care

These are just a few ways to keep your loved ones warm and safe this winter. If you are concerned that someone has become too cold or too warm, do not hesitate to call for assistance. If you believe it is time for you or a loved one to receive hospice or palliative care, feel free reach out to us. Contact us at (866) 703-4801 (toll-free) or (573) 335-4800, or click here to visit our website today. We’re here to help.

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