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What is Missouri Hospice Care with Crown Hospice?

Crown Hospice uses a team approach and provides a physical, emotional, spiritual and practical support. It’s focus is both on the patient and the family. Crown’s mission is to make sure that the patient’s goals for life and care or met.

Where Hospice Care is Provided

Care can take place in a patient’s home, a nursing home, or a hospital. Most of the time, home is the usual setting, where a family member is taking the job of primary caregiver. Here, they may receive support from the hospice team and home health aides. At nursing homes or a hospital, the hospice staff also offer as much support to the patient family as possible. The focus of hospice care is helping the patient to be as comfortable as possible. Special attention is paid to symptom management and pain control. This would allow the patient to be as alert and involved in life as possible.

How to Receive Missouri Hospice Care

Unfortunately, in order to receive hospice care, the patient out look for survival must be limited. Their medical treatment must be aimed at relieving discomfort rather than curing the illness. Crown Hospice care teams consists of a doctor, nurse and social worker. Hospice care offers many services, including medical management, practical assistance, and emotional support. These services are tailored to the needs and wishes of any of our hospice care patients.

How Crown Hospice Can Help

There are many ways that  hospice care may help you and your loved ones through a difficult time of my coming to an end of life. Here missouri hospice careare a few of the ways that Crown can help you and your family:

  • Hospice is a Medicare benefit, so if you qualify for it, it is free to you.
  • Hospice works with the family as well as the patient.
  • Patients have choices about how and where they want to spend the rest of their lives.
  • The goal of pain control and symptom management is to provide as high a level of comfort as possible.
  • The goal of medical treatment is to achieve physical and emotional comfort so the patient and family can enjoy living life.
  • Patients are encouraged to stay active and enjoy what they love.
  • Care can be provided in the home with loved ones and a familiar environment.
  • Hope from the hospice team is available 24/7 by phone.
  • Members have a hospice care team make home visits.
  • After the death of a loved one, a social worker is available to help the family and friends cope with loss.

Who Makes Up the Care Teams at Crown Hospice?

Crown staff is made up of several specially trained people who have experience working with patients and families with life limiting diseases. The hospice care staff is there to help the patient and family to be as comfortable as possible. The team consist of hospice doctors, nurses, and social workers. Chaplains and aides may also be a part of the team. Patients, families, and friends are also considered important people on the treatment team. This respects the cultural values and traditions of the family and involves them as a part of the hospice care team.

Eligibility for Missouri Hospice Care

There are a couple things that go into deciding if you are eligible to receive Missouri hospice care. Here are those couple of things:

  • Patients whose prognosis is about six months or less, verified by the hospice care doctor.
  • Patient who are no longer receiving treatment to cure the disease that they have, but who want to live comfortably. Many hospices will work with families whose capital relative does not know his or her prognosis. Crown Hospice tries to fit the program of care to meet the unique needs of all patients.

Are All Missouri Hospice Care Centers the Same?

No. Although all hospices specialize in the care of life limiting illnesses, the quality of care and extent of services can differ widely among hospice care providers. Many hospices are part of a large, for-profit healthcare system. Crown Hospice of Cape Girardeau and Poplar Bluff, Missouri is an independent community healthcare provider. Our mission is to bring exceptional hospice care to all those in need, regardless of religion, race, creed, or ability to pay. We have a commitment to provide care with dignity while administering a physical comfort, companionship, and spiritual support to both patient and families. Crown Hospice is the best Missouri hospice care organization for you and your family.

About Crown Hospice of Cape Girardeau & Poplar Bluff, MO

Crown Hospice of Cape Girardeau and Poplar Bluff, MO provides a special way of caring for patients facing end of life decisions. As a medically directed program, hospice is designed to improve the patient’s quality of life by helping to alleviate the families distress and by providing love and care, eliminating pain, and easing the overall emotional, spiritual, social, and economical stress associated with the end of a life.

The program’s disciplinary team of professionals and volunteers work closely with the family during illnesses, and through the bereavement period, which could be up to a year. Through several decades of combined hospice service, Crown Hospice staff is specialized to suit the needs of your loved one. You may keep your doctor or use our own who will lead a hospice team, while a registered nurse coordinates day today care. Chaplains and social workers are available to counsel you and your family. Volunteers are trained to provide care via a wide variety of tasks as needed, such as providing companionship, light housekeeping, and running errands.

For more information about hospice care with Crown, reach out to us via phone or our contact page here.

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If your loved one is eligible for hospice care, don’t wait to find a program. Hospice care will provide your loved one with comfort, care, and support.