“And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.” - 1 Peter 5:4
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The Crown Hospice of Cape Girardeau and Poplar Bluff blog was created to provide additional resources to caretakers. From tips on caring for a loved one to information about how to manage grief, our blog covers the topics most relevant to hospice care.

A grieving man sits with a bereavement counselor

Mourning Loss: What Are Bereavement Services?

Grieving the loss of a family member or friend is one of the most challenging things any person can go through. Anger, helplessness, disbelief, and …

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Young girl visiting a loved one in hospice

9 Tips for Visiting a Loved One in Hospice Care

Whenever you have a loved one in hospice care, it can be hard to make the first visit—seeing a person you have known for a …

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An older woman sits with a doctor as he takes notes on a clipboard for her dignity therapy

What is Dignity Therapy?

Whenever a family member or loved one is close to the end of life, he or she may be at peace with the situation. Unfortunately, …

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A closeup shot of a younger woman resting her hand on top of an elderly woman’s hands on a wooden table.

When Is Hospice Recommended?

Preparing for the end of life is never easy. There are many things your loved one will have to take care of, including financial and …

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Victoria Texas home health care

10 Signs of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

10 Signs of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) What Are the Symptoms of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease? AD is the most common form of dementia. …

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home care services

10 Essential Steps for Dealing With Grief

10 Essential Steps for Dealing With Grief Grieving is not an easy process and everyone mourns in their own way. Some are open and communicative …

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Texas compassionate care hospice

Gone But Not Forgotten – 5 Ways To Remember Your Loved One

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hospice meaning Victoria Texas

5 Springtime Events for Seniors

5 Springtime Events for Seniors There’s just something so uplifting about spring. Spring does wonders for the soul, whether it’s the birds tweeting, the beautiful …

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what is a hospice

We Want You!  Volunteers needed

Crown Hospice is an organization that survives on the dreams, ambitions, and sacrificial time of many volunteers. Hospice volunteers provide companionship to people living with …

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best care home health

Benefits of Art Therapy

Benefits of Art Therapy Art therapy can increase the quality of life for those suffering and become a way of expression, even after other types …

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Don’t Wait To Secure Hospice Care


If your loved one is eligible for hospice care, don’t wait to find a program. Hospice care will provide your loved one with comfort, care, and support.